FYI: for reasons that I don’t (yet) know, when I’m using my trailingthoughtsblog.wordpress.org  blog site and I visit others’  blog sites & comment, the ‘visitors’ get defaulted/routed to this ThruHikeR blog. I’d fix it if I knew how.

So…I have two blogs: this one is a hiking theme only and the other is random stuff.

As a middle-age (ugh), empty-nester I am looking to break off my well traveled path of ‘responsibility’ and (quit my job to) hike the AT in 2017. I mentioned in my “Beginning” post that I am not CURRENTLY  a thru-hiker. I say that because I know there are those with gritty principles that will balk at my site title w/o having earned it but I explain that in the post. I have hiked most of the NH48 and done some hiking in other parts of the country and Ireland. I’d love to make some social connections with people who love to be active, especially hiking, for sharing experiences and willing to give advice about my future AT journey.