Quadzilla’s words of wisdom

I just finished reading the blog by Jack Jones; http://www.thejourney.co (not ‘com’), about his current flip-flop hike of the AT. At the end of my reading, the last post, Jack, a.k.a. “Quadzilla”, was leaving Harper’s Ferry to take a train to Maine and hobo it back to H.P.

I have found Quadzilla’s blog a very nice combination of subtle observations of the positives (the Zen of thru-hiking, nature and happy coincidences) and some of the negatives (or what otherwise might be termed ‘surprises’) on the trail. It seems to me that Quadzilla has led a ‘charmed hike’ and that might be his natural luck or he sees the positive when connecting dots or incidences along the trail.

I enjoyed reading Quad’s posts because they were relatively short but informative (I took notes), he noted some surprises but he was not daunted by them nor did he let them alter his attitude, and his whole perspective was upbeat regardless of the weather or what/who he encountered. I’d say his whole blog was void of judgement and I like that.

I read Quad’s blog with an open interest in his experiences all the while hoping that I am as fortunate as he has been. Yes, our attitude does contribute to our experiences but, realistically, shit does happen despite a good attitude. I can only hope that keeping a positive and open mind, what ever happens to me will reveal a silver lining.

I still think that my hike will be the best gift to myself and it will – yes, strip me down to my character flaws – make me (more) of a stronger person. I paid particular attention to Quad’s summary about the trial ‘burning away fears’ in his post “The Dip” and how our ‘real life’ is an illusion (“The Journey of a Thousand Miles” post) with the trappings of expectations on behalf of others/society. I’ve saved his blog on a tab so I can go back and re-read some posts that resonated with me.



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