Adventure as a Good Thing

For those who think “adventure” can be almost anything: my best and true adventures have been hiking and traveling. My worst ‘adventures’ have been homelessness and depression. I really don’t recommend the latter which, I think underscores my perspective.

The purpose of my ThruHikeR blog is in preparation for my AT’17 pilgrimage. I can only relate to ‘adventure’ in terms of destinations/travel & such physical things like skydiving: enjoyable things or things to try to get me out of my comfort zone and see if I like it. I am sure some would describe “adventure” in basketweaving, pottery, dog grooming and the like. Not all would think of spending six months in the same clothes with only periodic showers and real food as an adventure so, to each their own.

I’m not going to elaborate any more on this topic on this post because I’ve done so in other posts (in this blog. I have another blog, ‘trailingthoughtsblog’) and if anyone wants to check them out, be my guest.

BTW: I have enjoyed reading others’ posts ~especially ‘thechangingpallet



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