Appalachian Trials Blogger!!

Hey Karyn

Zach Davis with Appalachian Trials here.  How’s it going?  
After reviewing your application, I’d like to invite you to join our 2017 class of Bloggers!  Congratulations!
The above is a portion of the acceptance email I received recently. For anyone who doesn’t already know, Appalachian Trials is a website by Zach “Badger” Davis designed after he completed the AT (and he wrote a book about the psychology of thru-hiking the AT) and it’s crazy popular with AT & PCT hikers *and those who want to thru-hike*. This website is the epitome of everything “hiker” from “almost-in-real-time” posts from hikers on the trails, gear advice, books, sponsors, guidance, maps, and more. I highly recommend it (so much information!!) and his book. And I’m not just plugging it because of the above email, I know I’ve mentioned it in previous posts. 
 I hope by the time I commence my thru-hike I will have some followers (from this blog) who are interested in reading my posts *which will be one of many featured on Zach’s website* but either way, it will be an experience that will definitely give me plenty to blog about.


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