Reading Hiker Blogs:

Naturally I am reading others’ blogs about hiking to prepare myself for the journey next spring. I read today about one woman’s experience with her (“one-person”) tent, which sounds much like my tent and I’m glad to read that she’s comfortable in it. I particularly enjoyed her process; what she did from setting up the tent to emptying her pack. This is helpful information. After reading some references to ‘bigger’ tents, I had thought I might need to buy something bigger than my one-person-barely-used (in my back yard) so it was a little of a relief to read that someone is utilizing something small with relative comfort.

Besides reading books about personal experiences, I am finding the blogs very helpful – insightful in real-time. In addition to the tent set-up and subsequent process of how to organize ‘stuff’ from the blogger above, I am wondering what and how thru-hikers are using electronic devices? Where are they recharging and how often? Is it ‘worth’ the extra weight – a weighty decision when I’ve read hikers cutting the handle of their toothbrushes down to nubs to ‘reduce weight’! How often do most leave the trail for food/lodging? What are some of the surprises that were not expected – good and bad – from what you read? How have you adjusted after a week or three? Paper journals or electronic?

Most hikers like to talk about their experiences during the hike, who they meet, stories they relate in their blogs and photos they share. These are all enjoyable, entertaining and engrossing but I like the little details that Mathina added to her blog (a little unnecessarily apologetically) because it’s very helpful for those of us who are hopelessly pragmatic. Every hiker is going to have their own journey, stories, experiences and take photos. They are all unique but – I will admit – somewhat forgetful. But the personal details of how someone arranges their sleeping quarters – the headlamp location, etc. or (yes) the peeing process (you guys don’t have to even think about this) is very memorable. So, “thank you, Marthina!” And keep the details coming 🙂


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