In the Beginning…

Only because it is not showing up in my “Reader”…I’m reblogging.


I’d never planned to hike the AT, never even considered it. Now it’s (almost) all I think about. No, I am not YET a thru-hiker but it’s my intention so it’s what I wanted to use for my blog and it would more likely attract the very audience I am seeking. My purpose for blogging, aside from my inability to suppress the need to ‘talk’ in writing form, is to create a network of ‘followers’/friends/advisers/fellow hikers to participate in my journey in preparation for and while hiking the AT. I’ve noticed there a lot (probably thousands) of bloggers ‘out there’ who are doing the same thing, especially those hiking the AT (I never thought it was so popular to combine “getting back to nature” and 21st century electronic-reality WHILE thru-hiking) and I intend to read/repost/’like’/’follow’, etc. as I find those who I enjoy reading.

I’m going to keep this post short…

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